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Sampling Emissions to Determine Air Quality

Gather data about air quality through emissions sampling by McHale Environmental in Durham, North Carolina. We have the proven ability to apply technical skills gained from over 75 years of collective experience to air pollution measurement and other environmental applications around the world.

Industrial Plant

Sampling Services

McHale Environmental meets the needs of our clients with a variety of air emissions sampling services. We have international expertise in sampling and analysis of air emissions, environmental engineering, and training in the use of sampling and pollutant analysis methodologies. Types of testing available include:

• Compliance
• Report Reviews
• Contract Verification
• Diagnostic
• Research & Development


Other Sampling Services Available if Needed:

• Formaldehyde
• Ammonia Slip
• Fuel Samples & Analysis
•  Low-Level Sampling &       Analysis
• VOC With or Without          Methane/Ethane
• Diagnostic
• PM
• Opacity

International Expertise

As a leader in environmental services consulting, McHale Environmental provides sampling and testing on an international scale. Summaries of selected international projects are given below.

Saudi Arabia

We worked with the Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) Training Center, Air-Tech conducted an intensive training course on the measurement of fugitive emissions following the protocol of EPA Method 21. This work was a precursor to additional training in the use of bar code readers and inventory software for a newly implemented leak detection and repair (LDAR) program covering several industries.


Through a subcontract to the U.S. EPA and the U.S. AID, McHale personnel traveled to Volgograd to provide hands-on training to Russian scientists in the application of EPA sampling and analysis methods for measuring pollutants in source and ambient air. Training was conducted at one of the city's most significant sources using the most current U.S. equipment and instrumentation.


Under contract to General Electric Corporation™, McHale performed sampling and analysis in support of the installation of a series of new natural gas fired turbines used for the generation of electrical power. Real-time data for NOx, Oand CO emissions were provided to GE personnel to assist in the "tuning" of the turbines to meet delivery guarantees. Air-Tech provided training in the use of the sampling equipment to the Korean operators.


Under contract to Alcoa™, McHale provided sampling support at a major primary aluminum bauxite refining plant. Testing was performed to assess particulate emissions from several process emission points.

Other Countries

Additional international settings where McHale personnel have provided expertise include:

• Ghana
• Bolivia
• The U.K.
• The Netherlands
• Austria
• The North Sea
• Belgium
• Puerto Rico
• Malaysia

• Trinidad & Tobago
• The Dominican Republic
• US Virgin Islands

Selected Sampling Issues

There are many potential sources of noise and inaccuracy in environmental data. Some issues that occur during emissions sampling are listed below.

• Replacing Glass Fiber Filter With Teflon™ Filter

Sample Volumes
• To Meet Desired Detection Limits

High NOx:
• KMnO4 Scrubber On Train

• Pre-Wet & Post-Test Rinses Of Sorbents

Absorbing Solution pH:
• Maintain pH >8 for HCN Sampling
• 0.1N NaOH : 2N NaOH (M-26)
• NaOH Interference with IC Analysis