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Air Pollution Testing, Project Management & Calibration

From project management to equipment testing, McHale Environmental handles all aspects of the emissions and air pollution measurement process. Our strategic location in the Research Triangle Park in Durham, North Carolina allows us to access data banks and personnel at prominent organizations. These include Duke University, the University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, EPA research branches, and the EPA emissions testing center and libraries. McHale also is able to develop informal networks with other testing and analytical firms in the area. This collection of knowledge and expertise is used by Air-Tech to ensure the most current testing methods, equipment, and information are made available for our clients.

Industrial Plant

Project Management

McHale Environmental assigns a project manager to coordinate team activities in planning a test. The project manager will receive input from the client, and in coordination with the team members, prepares a proposal, and a test plan or protocal. Once the project is assigned, the project manager will participate in all phases of the technical effort to ensure continuity and quality control, overseeing each aspect of the test, keeping the client informed of the progress, and providing on-hand expertise. Once the project is completed, the project manager will review the data and submit a report to the client for final approval.

ERT Reporting (Electronic Reporting Tool)

We are a leader in the ERT area. As part of project management, we ensure total quality control by putting together a comprehensive reporting package for the client for every test project requested. All protocols, plans, and reports are compiled and reviewed by senior staff. From developing testing protocols and advising about health and safety to Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP), trial burn plans, and detailed final reports, we cover all aspects of testing.

Calibrating & Maintaining Equipment

McHale Environmental recognizes the importance of up-to-date and well-maintained equipment. Equipment failure can delay a test and give incorrect data. Therefore, all equipment is maintained and calibrated according to the QA/QC requirements listed in Volume III of the QA Handbook for Air Pollution Measurement Systems. Also, Air-Tech will take duplicate equipment needed on a test site to ensure no delays. To control costs for the client, some equipment is rented or leased. In such cases, the equipment is tested and calibrated (if necessary) before use in the field.

Basic Equipment

Measuring air pollution levels requires a variety of sampling and analysis equipment. Our specialty is on-site analysis with real time results. Air-Tech owns the following basic equipment :

• Manual Methods Trains
• Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
• Portable Analyzers
• Impactors for Particle Sizing
• Method-5 Type Systems
• VOST/Semi-VOST Systems
• Mobile Laboratories
• Vans
• Gas Divider
• Water/Air-Cooled Sampling Probes
• Dry Well Thermocouple Calibrator (NIST-Traceable)
• 3-D Pitots for Velocity
• Dilution Probe
• Controlled Condensation Systems
• Gas Chromatographs
• Mobile Laboratories
• Cascade Impactor
• Low Velocity Thermal Anemometers
• Analytical Balances
• Ion Selective Electrodes System
• FID, TCD, Packed, &                 Capillary

• NOx Analyzers
• CO Analyzers
• O2 Analyzers
• THC Analyzers
• CO2 Analyzers
• DAS Systems
• Ion-Selective Electrodes


Specialized Test Equipment

In addition to basic components, we employ a variety of specialized testing equipment during our air quality measurements. All readouts have data logging capabilities to maximize the amount of data considered. Our specialized equipment includes:

• Reinforced 3-D Pitots with Thermocouples
• Thermal Anemometers for Lower Velocities
• NIST-Traceable Dry Well Thermocouple Calibrators
• NIST-Traceable High-Accuracy Thermocouple Readouts
• Ion-Selective Electrodes for On-Site NH3 Analysis
• Hastelloy Probes
• High-Temperature Quartz Probes
• Water/Air-Cooled Probes
• Cyclonic Moisture Separators
• Dilution Probe Systems
• Gas Divider